Saturday, January 26, 2013

Today's Belch... (UPDATE: 3.13.2013)

After a long time since my last post, I thought that I'd simply update that I have little to say...

With that, I must say that I haven't done much since the last post.

Finishing my retrofit was planned for tonight, but the vacuum forming plastic did not arrive on time, and will not be here until Monday. So I guess I won't be installing the headlights after they're finished until Sunday. I will have to upload some videos of the actual retrofit that I have now, and the new one once it is installed. I am quite excited to take the vids but it will take time nonetheless. I guess I shouldn't be bummed so much since I have been taking my sweet time with this retrofit anyway.
Anyway, here are some photos so the blog world can see what I have made:

Newest retrofit I am trying to finish...

 These are the LED switchback's this part turns off when signaling

This is the signal that comes on and flashes, the white part does not come back on until the signal turns off...

Here is the finished product after months of hard work and trial and error.

The finished product is being updated again. I have to pull the headlights apart in order to repair the LED drivers in the spotlights that have already burned out. I have decided to use the Audi DRL LED's again, but in a new way! Instead of keeping them the way they were on the Audi A4/S4, I pulled the LED strip and here is what it will look like.

 Since these are still in the build phase, I don't have any more than just this. I still have to find a way to secure them, but I think I have an idea.

Stay tuned...

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